Upcoming Play – Mantarleli Chaitravel


Date – Saturday, December 10th.
Time –   3:30 pm  to 6:15pm
Venue – Bundy Auditorium –  476 Hubbard Dr, Lancaster, SC 29720

“Mantarleli Chaitravel” a storm with a deep secret behind everyone in the house. A storm that engulfs everyone else who gets involved and leaves a scar. How does everyone cope up with the storm? Does one get shattered or survive? An enthralling thriller – मंतरलेली चैत्रवेल.


Abhivyakti or ‘Expression of feelings’ in Sanskrit, is a group of drama enthusiasts, with main interest in Experimental Theater or Prayogik Ranga-Bhoomi (Sanskrit). Experimental theater tends to encircle, or expose the audience with a thought provoking message. Seldom have there been shows related to non-traditional theater, and hence our interest in the project.

Abhivyakti has presented following Ekankika