Ekankika (Short Plays)

BharatEkKhochBharat, Ek Khoch :
An NRI couple visits India, always comparing things between the two countries. During every visit, some change is expected. But can they handle drastic changes in parent’ life during this visit? How do they face it and what happens…comedy short play.

Actors: Meghana Kulkarni, Sandeep Kulkarni, Milind Jog, Sanjeev Dange, Shailaja Mehta, Sangeeta Korde, Ashish Chitale, Geeta Datar.

Poster : Ashwini Saynakar

Khel : A murder mystery, about a couple who want to get rich faster, and keen to become NRI.khel_Poster_Charlotte

Actors : Sanjay Kulkarni, Mohana Joglekar, Subodh Joglekar.

Poster: Niranjan Ghodke

Viva La Vida, or Hail life is set against the house of a middle class couple. The couple come across an idea and device a plan for quick riches. Wagering all the risks, everything starts falling into place. Just in a couple of days, their life will be changed forever. But somewhere along the line, they unknowingly play with “Life”.  Never expecting a backlash, the couple finds themselves in a double-bind; a Catch-22. “Life” as we know it, does not follow a plan, or can be bend at will. Do they achieve what they planned for, and at what cost?Experience the suspense short-play “Khel”, to find how the couple manages to get out of this flux.

Run time : 1 hour
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Abhivyakti or ‘Expression of feelings’ in Sanskrit, is a group of drama enthusiasts, with main interest in Experimental Theater or Prayogik Ranga-Bhoomi (Sanskrit). Experimental theater tends to encircle, or expose the audience with a thought provoking message. Seldom have there been shows related to non-traditional theater, and hence our interest in the project.

Abhivyakti has presented 6 Ekankika within last 3 years.